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Blue Emu

If this is your first time to hear about Blue Emu, you might ask: What is this and where does it come from? Blue Emu is a product of Emu Oil. It is as the company claims, “a natural, omega rich oil refined from the fat, a food co-product obtained when the bird is processed for its lean red meat.”

This all-natural pain reliever breaks through all skin layers without blocking pores, thus granting essential fatty acids that aid the body renovate itself. This oil also has what they call trans-dermal properties. The company explains, in their official website,,  that emu oil transfers products rapidly through the skin, getting ingredients to the cause of the dilemma, permitting over-the-counter and cosmetic products to perform healthier.

A lot of products hold phospholipids, which make assimilation more complex. But, nonexistence of phospholipids makes emu oil exceedingly penetrating and allocates it to soak up through the skin more straightforwardly. To back up these claims, researches performed by Dr. Robert Nicolosi, Director of The Center for Chronic Disease Control and Prevention, University of Massachusetts, advocate that the conveyance of nutrient properties straightforwardly into the blood stream may be better with emu oil than different oils presently being employed every day within hundreds of existing across-the-counter medications.

AEA (American Emu Association )Certified Emu Oil is unadulterated emu oil that has been verified at the phase of processing by an AOCS (American Oil Chemist Society) licensed chemist and has been qualified to match the rigorous qualifications for the Emu Oil Fully Refined Trade regulations. This well- documented official recognition process guarantees that the unadulterated emu oil has been tested and has attained the stipulations of Fully-Refined Emu Oil. As a matter of fact, a sample is seized in storage for every batch of pure emu oil that has attained the Fully Refined Specifications. It is important to know that if a product carries the AEA Certification Seal, then it means that it has gone through a stringent assessment process – and Emu oil products has got it.

Now, you might ask: What is Fully Refined Emu Oil? They are simply unadulterated Emu Oil that has been accurately processed and has come across the severe qualifications programmed in the Fully Refined Trade Rules for moisture substance lower than 0.10%, Peroxide (oxidation component) under 2 and Free Fatty Acid (oxidation component) less than 0.10 %.

The next question is: Why is Fully Refined Emu Oil Important? Above all, this Fully Refined label or requirement for unadulterated emu oil is for the wellbeing of the end user. If humidity is higher than the 0.10% level, bacteria will have a propensity to nurture. Also, by eliminating the peroxide and free fatty acids, supplementary contagion components will be detached, such as; hormones, toxic metals, pesticides, viruses and infections such as e-coli and salmonella that may have infected the unrefined substance at the animal processing plants.

A word of caution is that hazard only happens when the pure emu oil is to be employed on the human skin or is to be taken orally. Therefore, to be guaranteed that you are procuring Fully Refined Emu Oil, at all times seek the AEA Certification Seal on each bottle of Blue Emu Oil that you purchase.